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New Ying King Restaurant
After our favourite buffet style Chinese in Wallasey closed we thought we would give the New Ying King a go on Seaview rd in Liscard. How I wish we hadn't. We were shown to our table by a very unfriendly waitress. The table cloth still had the previous diners food stains on and our cutlery was filthy. We ordered drinks and then selected our choices from the buffet menu which included a choice of soup, appetisers, crispy duck, choice of main and a pudding.
Our soup arrived before our drinks and we didn't get crackers with our soup but we could have them if we paid extra. We chose not to given the price. The ribs on the appetisers course were more like deep fried knuckles of fat and the rest left a lot to be desired. We were then presented with our main meals? No duck? A complete course was missed out so when we questioned the absence of it we were offered it after our main meals and told that some people do have it then? Not in any restaurant I've been in? The main meals were laughably tiny and I mean tiny. Imagine a normal serving plate of Chinese meal. This filled less than half of it. It was smaller than a child's portion and was more like 2 forkfuls.
We asked for fresh cutlery as ours had been taken away and they were practically thrown at us in temper because we had asked. Every plate was dropped infront of us dinner lady style. We opted out of dessert being annoyed by this point and asked for the bill.
The bill came and there was no discount for the course we had missed. I went to the bar to ask the staff to deduct a fair amount for the course they did not serve us. A nasty altercation ensued. The staff were adamant that the were not going to reduce the bill in any way shape or form as they could not. All 4 of them stood behind in the bar taking it in turns to tell us this in a very rude and very unprofessional manner.shouting across the restaurant in front of everyone dining there.  I asked to speak to the manager at which point they spoke in Chinese amongst themselves whilst they decided who had that role. The staff did not seem to mind that they were having a full on argument about not reducing our bill in front of diners who were still eating and instead of trying to rectify the situation so we left happy, they were more interested in standing arguing and being adamant that we should pay.
After 45 mins of arguing they said we had 2 options. To pay the full amount or to sit down and eat crispy duck now and then pay in full! At 11.30pm and after a humiliating argument with personal insults, I certainly did not feel like eating our missing course! Staff took it in turns to shout at us and talk amongst themselves in Chinese whilst we waited for a decision to be made. By this time our night out has passed! Eventually the staff said that if we did not pay they would call the police. I welcomed this idea knowing full well that the police would not attend a civil dispute.
We waited whilst they called and then still being determined not to pay for what we had not had and what had been missed out as an error on their part, they finally agreed to reduce our bill by 10% but we were no longer welcome in their restaurant and we should not think about coming back! Yes, this was the level of their customer service.
Now this restaurant used to have a good reputation based on the previous owner who has long since gone. Do not even think about wasting your time and money at this restaurant. Everything that could be bad, is and they are clearly still living on the previous owners reputation. Never ever have I had such a shocking dining experience. I never leave reviews on restaurants but I felt this one needed to be left because of just how bad it is. I am shocked and upset by the whole episode.
The staff told us that we were the first ever people to make a complaint! Really? As we were leaving another table of diners were having a dispute over a discrepancy on their bill. Avoid at all costs. Travel a bit further up the road to The Chinese Kitchen. You may pay a bit more but its money welll spent on fresh delicious food and fantastic service. We should have gone there all along but we thought we would give this one a try. Wish we hadn't! 

Submitted By    Jessica Byrne      



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