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Brewers Fayre
My family and i visited brewers fayre in southport, merseyside on monday 19th dec 2011, after doing are christmas shopping in the morning we thought we would take are 3 children for lunch and a play there, i have since learnt this was a mistake and would have had better food at mcdonalds or even the local chip shop!! we WERE regular customers at southport brewers fayre somethimes eating out there aleast 4 times a week but in resent months have notice the food becoming worse and worse and i do not wish to waste anymore of my money at this restaurant!! as for the 19th december 2011, we arrived around 12:30pm and placed are order at 12:49pm we them waited and waited, the children became restless and hungry, 45 minutes later the table in front of us recieved there food even though they ordered about 15-20 minutes after us at this point we were ready to leave and ask for a FULL refund(which i still should of ask for after the meal) i ask were are food was and questioned why the other table had received there food first, the lady said sorry and went to the kitchen 5 mins later she arrived with are food(if you can call it that) my daughter ordered a childrens burger meal, it was barely warm and the bun was hard and chips were cold, my son had a childrens pizza which was cold, i had gammon with egg, pineapple and jacket potatoe instead of chips, the gammon was cold the egg had gone cold and hard and the jacket potatoe was beyond eating so much so you my wish to supply customers with heavy duty tools to be able to cut through the skin, i couldnt eat the potatoe at all due to it being so cold and hard, my husband had smoothed chicken which was over cooked, cold and he only recevied 10 cold chips on his plate, what we got put in front of us was no better then the local soup kitchen if not worse supplies for the homeless and they don't charge!! we have had some lovely meals a brewers fayre in the past but since the menu charged to food has become under average and not worth the money, we even had my daughters birthday party there last jan but will not be doing it again this jan, nor will we be eating here anymore!!

Submitted By    sarah hodge      



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